Underestimated Area: Lead Response

From Calipso Insights

Most Underestimated Areas: #3 Lead Response

Marketers and sales managers, have you every ran a great marketing campaign only to realize that when prospective clients enthusiastically called, emailed or said face-to-face that they wanted to buy they were not brought into the sales process? Prospects that present themselves as potential clients are statistically the most likely opportunities to turn into paying business. Yet, failure to convert these willing leads into customers is a major challenge for many organizations. At Calipso, we’ve found the solutions to this challenge to come from fixing three areas: technology dead-ends, company rep hesitation and mismatched marketing quality.

Technology can be a great way to create the leverage a company needs to scale its business development efforts. When it comes to phones and emails though, there are several pitfalls to avoid in order to make sure every quality lead becomes an opportunity. One of those is voice mail and recorded phone sequences.

Another common issue occurs with online forms.

Company representatives are rightfully expected to always put the interests of the company before their own. Too often though, employees find themselves avoiding situations where they will be expected to do more work for what they perceive as too little award. Salary-only employees are more likely to view a new customer as "work" rather than a "win".